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Hiring Virtual Work From Home Call Center Agents | Customer Service Representative Job

OneCall Contact Center, LLC offers an on-demand workforce of onshore virtual agents for small businesses. Our business solutions include customer service, outbound sales and lead generations with multi-channel servicing.  

OneCall Contact Center brings together top-tier talent from nation-wide labor pools through innovative virtual technology and local onsite support. Our structure increases quality interactions with end-users, but also helps to keep the cost to our small business clients low.

Every business owner knows that having a call center is key in driving sales and increasing customer service experience. Business call forwarding is taking ground as small businesses take advantage of contact center reps without straining their operating budgets.

The modern call center is no longer a large buzzing building with wall to wall cubicle decor. Today's call center is a workforce of virtual agents who work flexible schedules to meet customer demand.

OneCall virtual agents aren’t limited by business hours or geography, your customers reach the best people, no matter where they are calling from. 

For small businesses working on a tight budget, it would be reasonable to use virtual agents to benefit from premium customer care service at a small cost. Your customers would like to get the same attention that they receive from corporate companies, but you may not have sufficient resources to gratify their needs.

Understaffed offices leave their customers sitting idle in a call queue while overstaffed businesses, lose revenue to idle call center employees.

With no call center overhead or wasted idle time, the OneCall pay-per-use model scales to meet seasonal or time of day spikes in demand.

Disabled Workers

How will virtual agents transform your business?

Flex agents as needed.
Flex agents as needed.

Our workforce flexes to match your demands—whether time of day or seasonal spikes..

The best agents. Period.
The best agents. Period.

With backgrounds in your industry, our agents offer a greater depth of skills to support your customers.

Stop overpaying.
Stop overpaying.

No overhead from brick and mortar and work at home idle time. Our pay-for-use agents are ready to work whenever needed.

OneCall Agents know the ropes of the industry very well, and will help build your client base by giving them the best support. Our agents operate 24/7!

Your prospects will enjoy full-time support with real-time analytics to create useful profiles about your customers. This way, you’ll be able to understand your customer even better by designing products and services that are congruent with their needs.

Adding OneCall Contact Center virtual agents to your business structure is the smartest decision you can make. You’ll skip training of customer care reps, make your payroll a little bit ‘thinner,’ concentrate on important aspects of your business and let your customers enjoy the service of highly qualified professionals.

MediumSmall Business Contact Center Services:

24/7 Live Answering, Chat,
Website Live Chat
Email Support
Technical Support
After Hours Answering Service
Bilingual Services
Call Routing & Transfer
Urgent Call Handling

We currently service the following industries:

Travel and Hospitality
Medical Answering Service
Real Estate Answering Service
Retail Answering Service
Attorney Answering Service
Commercial Service Call Center
Property Management Answering Service
Tech Support Answering Service
Funeral Home Answering Service
Utility Answering Service

We have worked hard to develop a system that includes:

Flexibility and scalability 24/7/365 to meet customer demands and disruptions in business.

Specialized customer support skills, enthusiastic branding and technical competencies.

Support through all forums, with attention placed on demographic preferences.
Cost efficient self-service technology less


Multi-Channel Support:

Chat Support: OneCall’s Live Chat Support allows us to assist your customers better and at the very moment they need support. Our virtual agents are subject matter experts who are well equipped to answer your customer’s questions and concerns.

Sales Support: We understand that your business goals include increased sales and revenue. At OneCall, we work with you to achieve these goals. Through inbound and outbound, cross-sell and up-sell techniques, our virtual agents maintain the standard of high quality customer service from any geographic location in the nation.

Technical Support: OneCall recognizes the need for high quality technical support services that create extraordinary customer experiences.

Agent Quality Makes a Difference


 Average age233038
 Attended college35%70%81%
 Years of work experience5815
 Cost basisHourly, FixedHourly, FixedPer minute, Flexible
 Talent poolLocal onlyVariesNationwide
 Ongoing skill developmentNoUnlikelyYes
 Larceny/theft riskBrick and mortar risk is 300% more prevalent than agents working from home.
 Forgery/fraud riskBrick and mortar risk is 180% more prevalent than agents working from home.
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