Common Reasons Arise Virtual Solutions CSPs Fail

why do some arise virtual solutions csps fail

Before I began hiring Arise CSPs for OneCall Contact Center, LLC, I serviced a number of clients. I started out as a CSP with great expectations and dollar signs in my eyes. The whole notion of working from home for me meant:

  • Being lazy
  • Working sometimes, but not too much
  • Not having a timeclock to punch in and out of
  • Easy days of basically getting paid to do nothing at home so I could avoid daycare cost.

Does this sound familiar?

With that attitude, I bombed my first 2 clients. One of my clients cancelled my contract altogether. I of course blamed my failure on the client with excuses like “there weren’t enough hours for me to work” or “it is tooi hard to navigate their system”. None of this was 100% true.

What was true is, I wasn’t taking my job seriously. I wasn’t putting enough effort into being successful.

  • I didn’t pay attention in my training class. I listened enough to know what was going on, but not enough to do well on the phone
  • I wasn’t logging in on time to my scheduled shifts
  • I would skip/drop shifts at the last minute (A huge no, no)
  • I never communicated with my PF (performance facilitator). I avoided her like the plague.
  • I simply became a slacker all together.

That was roughly 5 years ago. As an Arise IBO, I have seen these same trends in many new CSPs. Some CSPs even go as far as to blame their failure on Arise, or their IBO. If you Google Arise Virtual Solutions you will find videos, posts and reviews EVERYWHERE of CSPs who HATE Arise. I am willing to bet that they didn’t do well with Arise, because of their own inability to learn from their mistakes.

Here are a few mistakes that lead to imminent failure as an Arise CSP:

  1. Training Courses: Pay attention in your training course. Arise Virtual Solutions put a lot of time and money into creating the online training environment for CSPs. Training time is not a time to surf the web, texts your friends or clean up the bedroom. When a CSP is logged into their training class, they should be completely focused on the material at all times.

    Many CSPs do not make it through their training course for one of two reasons. Reason one, they have fallen so far behind their class, that it is impossible to catch up. There is also reason two, the CSP misses class sessions. This is completely forbidden by Arise. Missing even one class is cause for removal of the training course. Because these two things are so common, most Arise IBOs require that CSPs pay for their own training course. By doing this, the IBO is not at great financial loss if their hired CSP decides not to comply with the requirements of the training course

  2. Communication: Most Arise IBOs send several emails to new CSPs upon hire. These emails are sent to help CSPs and to provide them with information that they need. If a CSP does not read/reply to emails about their new job, they are headed down the wrong path. I cannot tell you how many times a CSPs has said “I didn’t know ________…” My response is always “Did you check your emails, you were sent several?” 
  3. Attendance: Arise clients have a very straightforward attendance policy. Work the minimum number of hours per week that are required (usually 10-15) and work the hours that you scheduled yourself to work. Doesn’t sound unreasonable right? However, there are some CSPs who feel that because they are working from home, they do not have to comply with scheduling. This is just not true. Yes, CSPs have flexibility, yes CSPs can choose their own hours and yes, Arise still expects CSPs to work.
  4. Representation: CSPs are working from home and Arise clients expect CSPs to represent them as if they are the client’s direct employee. Learn the client’s systems, learn how to navigate between systems, learn the terms that the client uses in order to speak with their clients more effectively. Don’t have background noises like the television, children crying, or loud music. It is unprofessional. The client’s customers do not know that the CSP is working from home. A CSPs work space should sound the same as it would if the CSP was working in the office.
  5. Using Resources: CSPs must also utilize their support resources. CSPs are assigned a direct contact or a PF (Performance Facilitator)  that can assist them with their client.  The PF specializes in the client and is normally a CSP that has been servicing the client for a VERY long time. In some cases the PF may also be an employee of Arise or a direct employee of the client. In my experience, CSPs avoid their PF completely. PFs almost always communicate by email. So once again, it is important that CSPs read and respond to emails. The PF is a CSP’s goto when they have questions about their client. USE THEM!

In conclusion, there are literally thousands, maybe even millions of people all of the US, Canada and the UK who are thriving as Arise CSPs. If you ask them how, I am sure they will tell you that they treat their work from home job the same as they would treat any other job. They respect it, appreciate it and do what they have to do to be great at it. 

Do you know of any other reasons CSPs fail with Arise? I would love to hear your input.

In 2014 I decided to work from home as a virtual call center agent and help others do the same. Founder of OneCall Contact Center, LLC | The IBO & CSP Hub.